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What to Think About for Choosing Courier Bags?

You've probably seen an envelope or box labelled 'courier' in a film or in the office. If this is the type of packaging you want to use for your shipment, there are some important things you need to know about courier envelopes or boxes.


Today, most courier companies offer courier supplies such as courier envelopes, parcels (plastic envelopes) and boxes in different sizes free of charge. They are very convenient and secure; many shippers use them to courier documents or products. What you need to know is that although these courier supplies are free, they do come at a cost.


For any parcel marked "Express", this will automatically become an express shipment. Each courier company has a specific rate for the express shipment you are handling and for any specific packaging you may use. It is important that you choose the right size of packaging when preparing your shipment.

What to Think About for Choosing Courier Bags?

Things to consider before buying courier bags

With different types of courier bags on the market, it can sometimes be difficult for online sellers to choose the best one for their product. To help them, you can follow these guidelines to choose the most suitable courier bags for your business.


Product size

You can purchase courier bags in a standard format. However, they can also be customised or personalised. The first step, therefore, is to decide whether to purchase a standard size courier bag or a personalised one.


If you have a large stock and a variety of sizes, sizing courier bags can be a hectic process. Measuring all the bags and making courier bags for them can be a tedious process. A standard size courier bag may be the best option for you. It will also help to save on unnecessary raw material costs. A medium sized courier bag will also help to fit all your products in one bag, even though they vary in size.


Paper Courier Envelope

Paper Courier Envelope

Bags Accessory

Many sellers buy courier bags with POD sleeves even if they don’t need them. They often end up paying more, thanks to being uninformed. Thus, it is important to know the needs and accessories required with the bags.


Courier bags are used to secure the package during transit. It is used to ship invoices or other important documents and is not always needed. However, if you need to ship important papers along with the package, POD jackets or sleeves are important. They are water-resistant and tamper-proof. Attaching an additional POD jacket is optional.



In many cases, buyers receive parcels with incorrect or no product inside. This is called in-transit theft. Many merchants also suffer huge losses as a result. Customers also give bad reviews, resulting in a bad business reputation.


Paper Courier Envelope

Paper Courier Envelope

It is not possible to stop this practice in any way. But tamper-proof packaging is needed. Courier bags are tamper-proof and once sealed, they cannot be opened without cutting.


So next time you're out sourcing logistics delivery bags for your online business, make sure you consider the above points to make an informed decision.


If you have any questions on courier bags, please contact our customer service team at +86 157 0018 6449 or at sales@onlymailer.com.








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