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Why Use Aluminum Foil Packaging

Protect your products and enjoy iconic marketing solutions with aluminum foil packaging. Foil flexible packaging comes in a variety of designs and offers significant benefits for your company and your products. Read on to discover how choosing foil as your packaging material can help you improve your food, medical or industrial products.

Advantages of Aluminum Foil Packaging

Aluminum is a durable material that can be used to line packages and seal your products. Here are the main advantages of using Aluminum Foil Packaging for your products:

Oxygen, light and odor barrier

Temperature-resistant packaging

Flexible sizing

Bacteria-resistant material

Cost-effective solution

Iconic colors and printing

Oxygen and light exposure can dramatically reduce the shelf life of many products. Dont expose your pharmaceutical or food offerings to bacteria or oxygen, but seal them with foil packaging. This encourages stores to order more of your products.

An aluminum foil food package can be safely heated in an oven. As long as you dont use a foil-lined paper product or other option, you can create packaging that serves as a heating tray for your customers.

Foil can be manufactured in virtually any dimension. Its very easy to adjust the length, width and thickness of material, allowing you to customize your packaging to fit your items and your marketing strategy.

Many packages allow bacteria and odors to pass through, even when sealed. Aluminum is a great barrier for both harmful bacteria and unpleasant odors. An odor barrier is useful if your product has a strong odor or can easily take on surrounding smells.


Thanks to bulk manufacturing strategies, aluminum costs and the extended lifetime of foil-packaged products, this manufacturing solution allows you to cut down on your supply costs. Grow your business by lowering production costs when you choose foil as your packaging material.

Help your products stand out with expertly designed packages. Bags, pouches and other foil packaging can come in a wide range of colors and be printed with your chosen marketing material and product specifications. The shape, color and design of your Aluminum Foil Bag is entirely in your control, giving you the resources you need for eye-catching designs.

Features of Foil Packaging

This packaging solution is relatively new in the United States, but many European manufacturers have been using foil for some time. Whether pure foil or a laminate product, these materials are at the cutting edge of food-safe solutions.

One of the main benefits of this material solution is its diverse features. You dont have to use pure aluminum foil to wrap your items for industrial, food or medical use. Instead, consider foil-lined flexible packaging.
Foil lining can be tailored to your particular product and used with multiple materials. Use it with a paper exterior, adhesive or organic solution. Because of the flexibility of foil, you can customize the inner and outer layers to fit your specifications.

Modern printing gives you complete control of the design of your packaging. Create vibrant labels using bold colors and iconic images to help your products stand out. For industrial and medical items, labels provide the necessary information to protect consumers.

Not every foil package manufacturer can offer these features and benefits. When choosing a co-packer, make sure you discuss your packaging problems and logistical situation to verify that they have the capabilities you need.


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