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7 Ideal Packaging to Boost Your Scented Candle Business

The global scented candles market explores day by day, as shown in the report, the market sales growing at a 4.1% cagr through 2032.


How to build your brand and be different from other companies is the crucial point when starting your business. And the packaging is a good way to boost your scented candle brand. Here come 7 ideas on scented candle packaging as your guide.


1. AATHER Candle Packaging- Creative idea on the traditional rigid box


Brand AATHER create 12 scented candle to light the mood. Each candle packed in indepandant boxes, it is very suitable to make gift sets.


The box uses white art paper as the surface, so that the whole box forms a work of art. The front end of the upper cover is cleverly slotted, and the exposed position is used as the mark of the fragrance. When need to put different words on the packaging, The unique design can save the core problem on the printing MOQ. The glass could reuses when finish burning candles, not only eco-friendly but also has a better effect on the long-term retention of the brand.


AATHER Candle Packaging


2. Vela Candle Packaging- Superior performance of a simply packaging


Brand Vela candle box in a gift sets, through the paper color and the simiple box deisgn with a logo only, the minimalist combination of words perfectly interprets the brand's design concept, simple and fashionable.


The combination of the most simple kraft paper outer box and white inner box also makes the product look high-end and perfectly integrates with its own candle cup. Through simple design and color matching, convey the warmth of the brand to customers.


Vela Candle Packaging


3. Platform goods Candle Packaging- Simple box in high-end looking


It uses a common box type- single side folder packaging, which helps to control the packaging cost.


Through the design of the logo, it gives a feeling of comfort and humanity, which helps to enhance the user experience. Let consumers pass the feeling through the packaging, connect with the experience of the product, and fall in love with the brand at the same time.


Platform goods Candle Packaging


4. Hloipnce Candle Packaging


We think this packaging is very cost-effective. This packaging structure is very useful for candles, aromatherapy, skin care products and other product packaging.


It is a folding box design with upper and lower lids, which perfectly utilizes various spaces for printing and conveys the brand concept, and can also effectively save transportation costs and storage space, and is matched with ribbons to convey a sense of treasure to buyers.


Hloipnce Candle Packagin

Hloipnce Candle Packagin


5. Espelma Candle Packaging


Brand Espelma Candle packaging adopts a book shape. The cardboard structure on the box cover is perfectly combined with the candles in the box, which has a good protective effect on the candles. It is simple and easy to remember.


Espelma Candle Packaging


6. Mailer Box candle Packaging


Mailer box candle packaging always a good options for the new business. The scented candle airplane box is very suitable for small sellers who have just started a business.


It can be used for direct delivery, which helps to save transportation packaging. At the same time, the paper card lining designed separately for scented candles can fix and protect the position of the candle. Promote the brand by printing and crafting on the surface of the box


Mailer Box candle Packaging


7. FOT DMQE candle packaging


FOT DMQE uses a cylindrical packaging box that can perfectly fit the candle. The color of the kraft paper brings a natural feeling. The structure of the cylindrical box can perfectly fit the candle cup and has a good protective effect on the cup inside.


When the guests are using the candle to light, they can keep the base of the round box and cover it after use, which can be stored together with the candle cup for a long time.


FOT DMQE candle packaging


Sanarko packaging is an one-stop packaging solution manufacturer, insist on bringing the creative packaging for the clients brand, if you want to custom your own packaging for your brand, welcome to check with sanarko packaging.


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