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Best Types of Banner Printing

What are the best types of banner printing? As someone who’s exploring new methods of marketing and advertising a brand or business, you probably need no introduction to banners. Of course, there’s a range of different advertising ideas and tactics that you can employ to generate higher customer recognition in the industry. But is there something better than banner and signage printing in the advertising industry? It offers a constant exposure of your brand to both existing and potential customers. While being attractive and eye-catching, solid banners highlight the noticeable presence of your business in the surroundings.


Whether a potential customer is taking a family trip to a recreational park or walking past outlets at a mall, seeing your banners will induce a categorized brand image into their mind. So, what type of banner printing is more useful and why? Let’s discuss this in this post.

The Best Types of Materials for Banner Printing

Banner printing is one of the most common and interesting advertising practices across different various industries and markets. Businesses spend a hefty portion of their marketing budget on banner printing to get a desirable level of brand awareness and customer recognition through geo-location marketing. However, do you know that the banner printing industry in the US has been peaking in terms of revenue at hundreds of millions of dollars every year for the last couple of years? Check out the best types of materials used for banner printing today:

·       No-Curl Vinyl

No curl vinyl is among the top options for high-end displays and banner selections throughout the marketing world. It’s purposefully used to indicate the high-quality preference of a brand and business than others. When you opt for no-curl vinyl, you’re making a general statement that you want your customers to get the best they can. While the 13 oz no curl vinyl now falls in the traditional category, the 14 oz no curl vinyl is one of the best options for high-end advertising and indoor marketing purposes.

·       Vinyl

Right after no-curl vinyl, plain vinyl holds some of the greatest rankings in the banner material selection. You must know that it’s a cost-effective banner printing option compared to other materials in the industry. Whilst it’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors advertising, printing vinyl banners is quick and cost-effective. Some of the best types of vinyl banner printing companies offer vinyl banners that measure up to 16 by 50 feet. And that too is without seams and digitally printed over a 13 oz scrim.

Also, keep in mind that the vinyl is fade-resistant and waterproof, which are the two most important features every brand and business needs when going for banner advertisement in the wide markets. It’s also low-maintenance and durable against harsh weather conditions. Speaking virtually, it’s one of the prime selections of businesses opting for banner advertisement.

It’s lightweight and easy to install as well. Plus, adding texture and color to the banner material through digital printing isn’t a tricky task.

·       Canvas

Are you looking to install banners in an indoor space only? Is it a mall or a popular food court outside in a commercial lane? You can go with the canvas banner printing option. They’re the perfect choice of material for indoor banner printing, as per some of the marketing specialists out there. Canvas banners mimic a painted canvas’s appearance and are usually utilized for high-end displays inside indoor spaces.

Canvas banners can be as large as 4.5 by 10 feet. However, installing them requires careful consideration and a small amount of experience. Since they’re made of canvas, they easily suffer from damage with the slightest case of poor handling. Moreover, you can go with a semi-gloss finish on canvas banner printing, depending on the type of information or images you want it to display.


·       Polyester Fabric

For both outdoor and indoor banner advertising, polyester fabric banners are suitable. They are printed digitally and are composed of direct dye sublimation throughout the printing process. During the printing process, the ink doesn’t just stay on the surface but reaches deep into the fabric to absorb better. Hence, this allows long-lasting texture and content once installed. One of the best features of polyester fabric banners is that they are scratch-resistant and dynamic in color variations.

You can get extremely bright prints or slightly bold and gentle color combinations on them. Furthermore, marketers prefer going with one of the two main fabric banner options. One includes satin, which gives off a glossier finish, while the other is a soft fabric that’s most commonly used for a traditional presentation.

Best Types of Banner Printing: Conclusion

Do you know what type of banners will work the best for your business? Do you know the right printing company to contact to get your banners printed with the highest-quality material and machinery? Well, you can’t trust just about any company with your critical printing needs. Automation Graphics has served commercial businesses and their printing needs for over 60 years now and continues to do so. So, if you want to have the perfect banners resembling your business, style, and idea, get in touch with us through our official website by filling out the contact form.

You can also reach out to our amazing customer service through a phone call at 646-205-3037. Call us today and set a meeting with one of our experts! Leave a query at the official email address for more info.

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The world of online banner design is one of creativity, strategy, and effect, with anything from towering skyscraper banners that attract passersby’s attention to small and delicate indoor or outdoor banners that bring a touch of luxury to any place. 

Movie banners are an excellent example of how a well-designed can stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Just like movie posters, banners are a great way for printing businesses to help their clients market and advertise their products or services. Banners are eye-catching and can be placed in high-traffic areas, such as websites, social media, and billboards. Banners can be used to promote a variety of things, such as new products, sales, or events. Banners can also be used to build brand awareness and generate leads.

Best Types of Banner Printing

A Step By Step Guide to Custom Banner Printing


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