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Why Are Essential Oils Stored in Dark Glass Bottles?

Oct. 30, 2023

When it comes to essential oils, proper storage plays a crucial role in preserving their quality and potency. One common practice in the industry is storing essential oils in dark glass bottles, primarily amber glass dropper essential oil bottles. But have you ever wondered why? In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this storage method, shedding light on the importance of dark glass bottles for essential oils.


Essential oil bottles


Preserving the Integrity of Essential Oils


Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile substances derived from plant materials. Their aromatic properties and therapeutic benefits are attributed to the various chemical compounds they contain. However, these compounds are sensitive to environmental factors such as light, heat, and air, which can gradually degrade their quality and efficacy.


1. Protection from Light

Exposure to light, especially ultraviolet (UV) light, is one of the primary factors that can compromise the quality of essential oils. UV rays can cause photochemical reactions, leading to the degradation of essential oil constituents. Therefore, the use of dark glass bottles, particularly amber glass, helps shield essential oils from harmful light exposure.

Amber glass is known for its excellent UV protection, preventing or significantly reducing the permeation of UV rays into the bottle. By limiting light exposure, the integrity and potency of the essential oils are better preserved over time.


2. Minimizing Oxidation

Oxidation is another process that can have detrimental effects on essential oils. When exposed to air, essential oil constituents can react with oxygen, leading to chemical changes that may alter their composition or even render them ineffective. Dark glass bottles help restrict the amount of air that can enter, reducing the chances of oxidation.

In contrast, transparent glass or plastic containers allow more light and air to come into contact with the essential oils, accelerating the oxidation process. By opting for dark glass bottles, essential oil enthusiasts can extend the shelf life of their precious oils and ensure their maximum therapeutic value.


3. Tackling Heat Sensitivity

Some essential oils are extremely sensitive to heat. High temperatures can speed up chemical reactions within the oils, potentially causing alterations in their composition and diminishing their therapeutic properties. Dark glass bottles provide an effective barrier against heat, minimizing the exposure of essential oils to temperature fluctuations.

Dark glass, particularly amber, helps insulate the oils, providing a cooler and more stable environment compared to transparent or plastic containers. This temperature control helps maintain the chemical stability of the essential oils, ensuring that they remain potent and efficient for longer periods.


Choosing the Right Essential Oil Bottles


Now that we understand the significance of dark glass bottles for storing essential oils, it is essential to discuss the various options available. While amber glass bottles are the most popular choice due to their superior UV protection, other dark glass colors, such as cobalt blue and emerald green, can also provide some light filtration benefits.

It is important to note that not all essential oil bottles are created equal. When selecting bottles, look for those specifically designed for storing essential oils. These bottles often come with airtight seals, such as dropper caps, to prevent air exposure and leakage.

Moreover, it is recommended to purchase quality bottles from reputable suppliers to ensure their durability and protection capabilities. Investing in high-quality essential oil bottles will safeguard your oils and enable you to enjoy their benefits to the fullest.




The storage of essential oils in dark glass bottles, such as amber glass dropper essential oil bottles, is not merely a matter of aesthetics. It is a carefully selected method aimed at preserving the integrity, quality, and efficacy of essential oils. By shielding them from light, minimizing oxidation, and protecting against heat, dark glass bottles serve as a shield against external factors that can compromise the oils' therapeutic properties. So, the next time you reach for your precious essential oils, make sure they are stored in the appropriate dark glass bottles for optimal longevity and potency.


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