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How to Tell If the Sausage Is Spoiled, Manufacturer China

Nov. 22, 2021

Sausage is one of the more popular foods in winter. Sausage tastes delicious and can be fried with a variety of vegetables and made into a variety of dishes, which are popular among people. Especially in brisket stores, sausages are paired with spicy cakes to make them more flavorful and promote appetite. When buying sausage, there are several ways from SHENGMAO to identify whether the sausage is bad or not.

Look at the color

There is a big difference in color between good quality sausage and poor quality sausage. The color of good quality sausage should not be too dark, otherwise it means that adding too much sauce and other condiments will make the sausage taste worse. It is not suitable to choose colors such as bright red, they tend to add illegal additives. Sausage meat that has deteriorated or is about to deteriorate is yellow, and fatty meat is light yellow. And the sausage clip is tight and not broken.

Look at the sausage casing

The thinner the sausage's outer casing, the better, the sausage tastes crisp after steaming. If the outer skin is thicker, it will be harder to eat and less tasty. Look at the thickness of the outer skin at the sausage zigzag and pinch it with your hand.

Look at the state

The drier the sausage the better, easy to preserve and taste better. If the sausage is wet, it means that the air-drying is not complete and will add weight, so it is not suitable for purchase.

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Preserving sausages

Hanging preservation

When the sausage is thoroughly air-dried, it can be hung directly in a cool, dry place, but not exposed to the sun. However, when the weather becomes hot, you should check from time to time whether the sausage is dry enough. If the surface of the sausage is oozing oil and sticky, it is too hot and must be stored in the refrigerator. This method is more suitable for a short period of time, and only suitable for use in places with high air humidity, otherwise the sausage will turn into dry wood.

Refrigerator preservation

After the sausage is vacuum packed, put it into the refrigerator to freeze or refrigerate, refrigerated can usually preserve the fresh taste for about 3 months, frozen can reach a year, and do not worry about the impact of climate change on the quality of sausage.

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