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The Operation Skills of Laminating Machine

The laminating machine is used for laminating and bonding the pre-printed color printing surface paper to the corrugated cardboard, which is an important supporting equipment for the production of pre-printed cartons and has a certain influence on the efficiency and quality of corrugated cardboard processing. As the structure and performance of laminators are different, the effect of laminating and bonding corrugated cardboard and paper is also very different, so the correct purchase and use of laminators is an important part of improving the efficiency and quality of carton production.


However, as with all machinery and equipment, it is inevitable that the laminator will suffer from wear and tear during long-term operation, so it is important to maintain the laminator to ensure the quality of the laminating process and to avoid printing problems caused by the wear and tear of the laminator. Laminating machine in the process of daily use, need to focus on solving some of the following problems.

1. Control of Production Operations

When laminating color paper is thin and curly, the speed of the machine should not be too fast. When loading top paper and corrugated board, their relative positions should be aligned to avoid bias errors in paper positioning and inaccurate horizontal lamination. If the travel of the upper and lower chains of the machine is not adjusted correctly, there will be deviations in the front and rear positions; if the paper blocking limit device on the paper stacking table is not tightened against the paper edge, causing the paper stack to move from side to side, and if the curled paperboard is not softened and the paperboard is not tidied up when loading paper, this will also cause errors in the laminating position of the tissue and corrugated board.

2. Machine Paper Feeding and Positioning Mechanism

If the machine is not properly adjusted or maintained, it is easy to cause errors in the face paper and corrugated board laminating. The main causes are.

Looseness of the paper feeding chain mechanism, making the upper/lower chain work inconsistently or unstably.

Looseness of the front gauge on the top/bottom chain, which causes the paper edge to crash when feeding.

The contact position of the platen strip to the paper is not suitable or the gap is too large, which does not play a role in slowing down the inertial impulse of the cardboard when moving at high speed.

The upper/lower rolling rollers are not frequently cleaned and accumulate a certain amount of gum, which blocks the simultaneous rolling of paper or corrugated cardboard.

The existence of these undesirable conditions can easily cause the inadmissibility of laminating paper or corrugated board. Therefore, the chain of the machine should be cleaned and cleansed at the right time, and good lubrication should be maintained; the loose front gauge should be dealt with by taking corresponding measures in a timely manner; the position of the platen should be adjusted to maintain a certain friction force with the cardboard, so as to prevent the paper from being transported too vigorously and in excess of the front; the gum or dirt on the upper and lower rollers should be cleared frequently.

3. The Cardboard Laminating Error Caused by the Uncomfortable Gap Between the Upper and Lower Rollers of the Machine and the Poor Paper Transmission

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When the gap between the upper and lower rollers is not suitable, the laminated corrugated board will be easily displaced or blistered between the top and bottom rollers on the one hand, and the corrugated board will be deformed by pressure on the other. If the face paper is not transported properly and becomes empty or skewed, it is easy to cause blistering, debonding (the length of the cardboard on the conveyor belt is not the same, and the pressed paper is not uniform) and the quality of the lamination is not allowed to fail.

In this regard, the gap between the upper and lower rollers should be adjusted to match the thickness of the cardboard to be laminated, so that the pressure is moderate when the cardboard passes through, in order to prevent blistering, degumming or corrugated deformation quality problems.

4. To Do the Correct Use of the Machine and Maintenance Work

Automatic laminators have high mechanical precision, which is a reliable guarantee of production efficiency and quality, so attention should be paid to the proper use and maintenance of the machine, which is an important part of preventing abnormal wear and damage to the machine.

After the purchase of new machines, if the factory's own technical conditions of the limitations, can not train their own production operators, should ask the equipment supply manufacturers to send technical personnel to train equipment operators, to ensure that the machine can be used correctly and normal play after the purchase.

In the break-in period of equipment use, the production speed of the machine should not be driven too fast. In the process of trial production of equipment, we should pay attention to the "view, smell, touch" and other methods to check whether the machine remains normal state Jie.

View, that is, to pay attention to see the working state of the relevant parts of the machine, the action has no abnormalities.

Smell, is to pay attention to listen to the machine has no abnormal sound.

Touch, that is, the machine is just running for a period of time, to stop at the right time to touch some rotating shaft, gears and other rotating parts of the machine, whether there is a significant increase in temperature and produce abnormal hot feeling.

If you find abnormal phenomena, should immediately stop to check, find the problem in time to deal with.

Machine in the process of use, must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the equipment manual for operation, and do a good job of machine lubrication and regular maintenance work, which is to ensure that the equipment to maintain good precision, improve production efficiency and quality of effective guarantee.

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