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What Types of Bags Are There?

There are many ways to classify packaging bags. Currently on the market, we mainly from the material, packaging methods and contents to divide the types of bags.


According to the material division.

Packaging bags are divided into plastic packaging bags, paper packaging, linen, cloth and other packaging bags. Plastic packaging bags are the most common types of bags in our daily lives, buying groceries, shopping, throwing garbage when it will be used. Plastic bags are mostly made of polyethylene film, polyethylene itself is not toxic, so it is often used to carry food.


Divided according to the packaging method.

There are many types, including waterproof and moisture-proof packaging bags, rust-proof packaging bags, high-barrier packaging bags, anti-static packaging bags, water-soluble packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags, anti-UV packaging bags, and cushioning packaging bags, anti-bacterial packaging bags, insect-proof packaging bags, nitrogen-filled packaging bags, Poly packaging bags de-oxygenation packaging bags, anti-counterfeit packaging bags and other 14 kinds. Different packaging bags made of different chemical raw materials, with different functional characteristics.


According to the contents to divide.

Packaging bags are also divided into food packaging bags, chemical packaging bags, pharmaceutical packaging bags, apparel packaging bags, etc.. Among them, chemical bags are both high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance, this kind of bags are usually used for the protection of goods in the container, the use of it can be safe storage and transportation of corrosive substances.


What Types of Bags Are There?



Type C FIBC, also known as conductive FIBC or ground-able FIBC, are made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics interwoven with conducting threads These conducting threads must be electrically interconnected as well as connected to a designated ground/earth This connection to the ground/earth during filling and discharging is imperative to the safe use of Type C bags.


● For safe transport of flammable powders.

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●For safe storage of materials in close proximity to flammable gases or substances.


●Do not use if the bag does not have a ground connection or if the connection is damaged.


●For safe use of Type C bags, they must be electrically connected and connected to their grounding point whenever they are filled and discharged.


Type C bulk bags are completely customizable. Please contact us to find a unique solution for you, or to request pricing.

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